Fire Scene Investigation

Proper fire scene investigation and evaluation with the use of the scientific method is essential to discover the origin and cause of any fire or explosion event.  All FireTech, Inc. fire experts are certified by both the International Association of Arson Investigators and the National Association of Fire Investigators and attain continuing education on a regular basis to provide the best service to our clients.  By following established industry accepted standards our fire experts can provide defendable fact-based opinions based upon information and evidence that is discovered.  Proper fire scene evaluation is the foundation for any subsequent action in a fire or explosion event.

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With the difficult economic climate that exits today, there may be incidents where people deliberately burn their property to collect insurance proceeds.  In addition, some people use fire as a weapon for revenge or to eliminate competition in the business world.  These fraudulent fires costs everyone who buys insurance and pays their insurance premiums.  In addition, local and state government lose property and sales tax revenues for property destroyed by fire.  Identification of fraudulent fires saves everyone money.

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In some fire and explosion events a defective product or service related action contributes to a fire event.  Although manufacturers regularly issue recalls for faulty products, not everyone that has the product receives a product recall notice or related service bulletin and are unaware of the precautions.  FireTech Inc. fire experts regularly conduct research on products that may have contributed to a fire event to determine if there has been a recall or a history of issues related to fire or failure.  By conducting research for the client we will attempt to identify and communicate the opportunity for potential subrogation.


Product Liability Consulting

FireTech, Inc. fire experts recognize that in many circumstances a product or piece of equipment may be identified as a possible contributing factor to a fire or explosion event.  Has your company or firm received a “Notice of Loss” or “Notice of Potential Claim” letter?  If so, trust our fire expert to represent you honestly and fairly and let us provide you the fact-based opinion on whether or not your product or service truly contributed to the event or circumstance.  It has been our experience that, on occasion, product manufacturers or service providers have been identified as possible responsible parties for an event related to a fire with little or no fact-based evidence to support the allegation. 

We offer product liability consulting services throughout the United States.  Due to our central location in the Midwest and our ease of logistics the use of our fire experts have proven to be a valued asset to our clients. 

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Litigation Support

FireTech, Inc. investigators can provide litigation support services in a variety of cases.  Preparation for trial is critical.  Many times, legal counsel needs a fire expert to assist with analysis and evaluation of their legal case.  Whether you need a review of case documents, or need an expert to represent you at a fire or explosion scene examination, FireTech is available to assist you.  Just call to discuss your needs to see if we can be of assistance.


Digital Forensic Analysis

FireTech is pleased to offer in-house, digital forensic and cell phone analysis services.  Todd Mutchler has 27 years of law enforcement experience, including 10 years of criminal investigation experience and 9 years of digital/internet crimes investigation experience.  He is a Certified Mobile Device Examiner by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, and a Magnet Certified Computer Examiner.  Mr. Mutchler is able to acquire and analyze data from mobile devices.  Services available include: Call History Log Recovery, Text Message (SMS, MMS) Recovery, Contact Extraction, Image and Video Recovery, Social Network and Internet Data Recovery, E-Mail Recovery, Location/GPS Information Recovery, Router Interrogation, WiFi Connections Recovery, Bluetooth Connections Recovery, Ability to Analyze and Explain Call Detail Records/Cell Tower Data, Ability to Analyze and Map Cell Phone Provider Records, Other Miscellaneous Data Recovery from Mobile Devices, and Examination of Previously Acquired Data.  Todd has expert testimony experience related to Digital Forensics and Cell Phone Analysis.

These services might be useful to the insurance industry, as well as corporate and defense counsel, in Arson Investigations, Traffic Accident Investigations, Harassment & Discrimination Investigations, Employee Workplace Misconduct Investigations, Divorce and Child Custody Proceedings, Fraud Investigations, Inappropriate Materials Investigations, and a vast array of other cases in the corporate, civil and criminal sectors.

These services can be provided at a reasonable cost throughout our service area.