FireTech, Inc. is one of the oldest and most experienced fire and explosion investigation firms in the Midwest, serving our clients since 1989.

Fire Origin & Cause Investigations

FireTech, Inc. provides fire investigation and consulting services, while working with forensic engineers, to all types of clients. Our fire experts, with a combined total of over 180 years of experience and handling over 15,000 cases, are able to provide superior technical in-depth analysis that are rooted in established scientific principles. Aerial Drone Video and Photography as well as 3-D imaging services are available, upon request.

We offer fire investigation services related to residential fires, commercial fires, vehicle fires, agricultural equipment fires, marine fires, and isolated product related fires throughout the Midwest including Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Photo of FireTech Employees

Product Liability Consulting

FireTech, Inc. fire experts recognize that in many circumstances a product or piece of equipment may be identified as a possible contributing factor to a fire or explosion event. Has your company or firm received a “Notice of Loss” or “Notice of Potential Claim” letter? If so, trust our fire expert to represent you honestly and fairly and let us provide you the fact-based opinion on whether or not your product or service truly contributed to the event or circumstance. It has been our experience that, on occasion, product manufacturers or service providers have been identified as possible responsible parties for an event related to a fire with little or no fact-based evidence to support the allegation.

We offer product liability consulting services throughout the United States. Due to our central location in the Midwest and our ease of logistics the use of our fire experts have proven to be a valued asset to our clients.

Digital Forensic Analysis

FireTech is pleased to offer in-house, digital forensic and cell phone analysis services. Todd Mutchler has 27 years of law enforcement experience, including 10 years of criminal investigation experience and 9 years of digital/internet crimes investigation experience. He is a Certified Mobile Device Examiner by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists, and a Magnet Certified Computer Examiner.  Mr. Mutchler is able to acquire and analyze data from mobile devices. Services available include: Call History Log Recovery, Text Message (SMS, MMS) Recovery, Contact Extraction, Image and Video Recovery, Social Network and Internet Data Recovery, E-Mail Recovery, Location/GPS Information Recovery, Router Interrogation, WiFi Connections Recovery, Bluetooth Connections Recovery, Ability to Analyze and Explain Call Detail Records/Cell Tower Data, Ability to Analyze and Map Cell Phone Provider Records, Other Miscellaneous Data Recovery from Mobile Devices, and Examination of Previously Acquired Data. Todd has expert testimony experience related to Digital Forensics and Cell Phone Analysis.