About FireTech, Inc.

Our fire experts have over 160 years combined experience in both firefighting and fire investigation. Due to our firefighting background we have experienced firsthand how a variety of factors can affect the growth and spread of a fire. We feel this experience gives us a true advantage over others when we are both mentally and physically reconstructing a fire scene and developing a hypothesis of the sequence of events that contributed to the cause of the fire.

By working with forensic engineers and other available professionals we are able to provide a complete and thorough examination and analysis of the fire or explosion event. We use qualified scientific laboratories to process evidence which enables us to obtain test results in an efficient and timely manner.

Proper evidence handling and storage techniques are consistently followed to preserve the value of any evidence collected from a fire for possible presentation in court.

We would like to have the opportunity to serve your company or firm. Our qualified fire experts are generally able to respond to a site within 24 hours of the receipt of an assignment including holidays and weekends when necessary. If circumstances should warrant, immediate service may be possible.